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Bay Class

The Bay Class are are amphibious landings ships which can offload embarked troops in rougher weather than previous ships in half the time. They are capable of operating LCU Mk10s and carry 2 LCVP Mk5s.

Bay Class are much larger, more capable, more flexible and have over twice the capacity of the the old 'Sir' class ships.

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  • DS30B 30mm

    DS30B 30mm Automated Small Calibre Gun

    A single mounting carrying an Oerlikon 30mm gun, it was designed as a ship-protection system to defend Royal Navy frigates from various short range missiles, rockets, grenades and explosives.   

    The gun is controlled from a remote operator console elsewhere on the ship.

operations Operation Sophia

Operation Sophia is the EU naval operation against human smugglers and the movement of illegal arms in the Mediterranean. Ships will be able to board, search, seize and divert vessels suspected of being used for human or illegal arms smuggling or trafficking on the high seas, in line with international law.

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Landing Ship Docks can operate LCU10s and carry 2 LCVP Mk5s